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About me

How to sell my products online on major European online shops and marketplaces? That' s what I am your expert for.

My experience


8+ years online sales in the fashion e-commerce sector


4+ years as a buyer (Vendor Manager) for Amazon in the fashion department


2+ years sales online wholesale international and marketplace business at Huber Tricot for Skiny and Huber

  • Online Wholesale
  • Marketplaces
  • Strategy
  • Fashion
  • Authenticity
I am your expert when it comes to online sales and selling your products as a brand on big online shops and/or marketplaces. You may ask where I get my knowledge from. Well, over the course of the last 8 years I have been working in various positions in the online business world. I was involved in the development of the Bogner online shop and worked at Amazon for many years in the purchasing department for fashion. I know exactly how the big online shops make business, what it is that is important for them and how challenging strategy discussions or negotiations can be. After my time at Amazon, I switched sides and took over the entire online sales process for one of my fashion brands back at Amazon. For this brand I managed all online wholesale customers (Amazon, Zalando, About you,...) and helped building up their marketplace business. It was there that I also learned what barriers can impede the introduction of new sales channels and processes in a company, and what ways exist to implement them more easily as a brand. I have learned how important it is to break down a silo mentality and to set the main focus on customer requirements.
And it is because I have worked in purchasing at Amazon and exactly on the other side in sales that I know exactly what topics you are dealing with. Which chances, barriers and opportunities the online sales business and marketplaces have to offer. If you feel like taking these topics forward, I look forward to working with you.

„Love it. Change it or leave it.”

My mission

It is my mission to make my clients understand the online sales business and find the best possible strategy for their brand in the easiest possible way. I am committed to being authentic and honest and to building knowledge with ease and simplicity as a team. Already when I was working at Amazon I always made sure to find a win-win situation with my suppliers. Long-term customer relationships that are based on mutual trust, appreciation and the achievement of common goals are extremely valuable to me.
The marketplace business is becoming more and more relevant, especially if you take a closer look at the strategies of Amazon, Zalando, Otto etc. Online Wholesale Business has become one of the most important distribution channels for a brand. At the same time there is a great dependency in terms of pricing, presentation and budget. It is my aim to support you in generating more turnover in your online business and simultaneously enabling you to regain your brand sovereignty in terms of decision-making.

My clients

My clients are primarily large fashion brands and medium-sized companies that are focused on increasing their online sales via big online shops and want to break new ground. As for my clients I value long-term relationships and loyalty.

Based on my experience of the last 8+ years in the fashion business, I specialize in the categories clothing, shoes, accessories, textiles and interior design.

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"Work solution-oriented and always focus on what is best for your customer."